Al’Asr 103

By time,Indeed, mankind is in loss,Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

We believe that our time is one of the biggest blessings Allah has given us. But not used correctly can actually become a source of trial for us.  At Everyday Naseeha, we believe every day is a new opportunity . Every day a chance to improve. Every day a chance to get closer to Allah. Every day a step closer to earning Jannah. Take advantage of every day you have been blessed with and make it your best day!

Mother/Daughter Duo at ages 6 months & 21 years old. A couple of spring chickens!

We’re Nancy and Aisha, a Mom and Daughter duo. The concept of Everyday Naseeha has been brewing for years. Our entrepreneurial drive paired with our passion for the Deen and serving the Ummah has finally come to fruition. Insha’Allah, we hope you benefit from all the resources provided here at Everyday Naseeha. We understand that your time is valuable. So often our is time is wasted mindlessly scrolling through FB, or just on the internet in general…with no clear purpose as to what were doing or what we were looking for in the first place.

We want Everyday Naseeha to be the place you go to for content that benefits and serves you. To connect with like-minded Sisters and to feel a sense of community. We know it’s tough for some Sisters out there to be able to go out and connect within their community on a regular basis. With family obligations, work, school, household duties…etc., it can be difficult at times. We hope Everyday Naseeha becomes a place you check in with often and become a part of our community. Whether it’s for a quick and healthy dinner recipe, tips on getting started with homeschooling, ways to make money while being a stay at home mom, or just to connect and chat with some Sisters. Insha’Allah, we’ll see you there!
Asalaamu Alaikum! I’m Aisha, mom of seven and soon to be eight insha’Allah. I’m trained as a Full Circle Doula, meaning I support women at all stages of their pregnancy journey. From their first positive pregnancy test, to labor and delivery, and postpartum  as well. Pregnancy and babies are my life! I’m also as a certified Life Coach with a focus on transformation not information.  I’ve been passionate about time management, positive psychology, and the study of optimism since I was a child. When I accepted Islam 20 years ago, I found what was the missing piece to true contentment and happiness. I was searching for years, but had yet to find any answer in any of the dozens of self-help books I had read.  Alhamdulilah, accepting Islam was the best decision I ever made. And Allah blessed me once again when my Mom accepted Islam about 5 years later!  I look forward to getting to know you too!

Favorite Color: Green

Places I’ve Lived: California, Oregon, Washington D.C, North Carolina,  Qatar, Jamaica, Toronto.

Favorite Food: Seafood/Sushi

Favorite Surah: Surah Yusuf and Asr

Dream Trip: Traveling cross country in an R.V with my hubs and all the kids for a year.

Favorite Hadiths: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Allah says: 'I am just as my slave thinks I am, (I am able to do for him what he thinks I can do for him)…”Hadith Qudsi [Sahih Al-Bukhari]

The Prophet () said, “Amazing is the affair of the believer, verily all of his affair is good and this is not for no one except the believer. If something of good/happiness befalls him he is grateful and that is good for him. If something of harm befalls him he is patient and that is good for him” (Saheeh Muslim #2999)
Asalaamu Alaikum! I’m Nancy, and I'm working on this. In the meantime, here is a list I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago!
1. I love photography!
2. I love photo props!
3. I am not a minimalist, but easily could be.
4. I love teacups, yet I hate tea! (Hubs loves it though)
5. I love vintage, especially mid-century modern.
6. I love to make graphics, all kinds!
7. I take All of my photos with my phone.
8. I love flowers, dead or alive!
9. I love writing, but suck at all the writing rules.
10. I'm an "interesting"combo of positive and encouraging, stubborn and I'm full of moxie with creativity coming out of my ears.

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