10.06.2017 by Everydaynaseeha

End of Summer, Beginning of Fall Nature Adventure!

This is simply an Everyday Naseeha "fluff piece". Some Autum eye candy, blog post decoration and a feast for your eyes! At least it started out that way. However, as I was searching through my photo library, and capturing new photos, I fell in love with the season all over again!

Alhamdulillah. Such beauty! It always takes me by surprise, too, even though Fall comes every year, right? The same wonderful and gorgeous surprise happens every Spring as well. Imagine. 😉

Yes, I do adore Summer, with it's lush greenery and spectacular blue sky  and the true wonderland of a sparkling white Winter, indeed I do.

When I became what I felt to be a "true" photographer, a little over two years ago, I began to really see and appreciate the amazing splendor and magnificence of Allah's creation! I thank Him every day for giving me such a passion for taking photos. It has strengthened my Deen in both small and large ways.

And as glorious and enchanting that this world is, I realize how dull and insignificant it is in comparison to Jennah.  I'm so grateful to Allah, for being able to see this knowledge now and to benefit from it. In sha Allah, I will remember that this dunya is temporary and our time here so very fleeting.

In sha Allah, you will visit Everyday Naseeha often and share your stories and experiences with us as well . . . so that we can all share, learn and grow together in our everyday lives. Thank you so much, sweet sisters.

So, what is your favorite season, my dear? I'm going with Fall. With the breathtaking colors, the cooler temperatures and deliciously crispy leaves crunching under my boots. Swoon city, right? Oh and the promise of many dinners of delectable soups and hearty breads. Double swoon! ❤ So are you an Autumn sister too?

~Nancy xoxoxo


  1. Beautifully written Nancy! And beautiful pictures as always! I am a big fan of yours and congratulations on the launch! MashaAllah Tabarak Allah!

    1. Masha'Allah. Thanks so much,Alia!!! We so appreciate your support and encouragement! ❤❤❤


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