10.06.2017 by Unknown

Ready or Not!!! Everyday Naseeha has officially launched!

We did it! Alhamdulilah! After a few setbacks and delays, Everyday Naseeha is officially LAUNCHED! While we don’t yet have all our content up on the site yet, we are getting there, and Insha’Allah, soon you will find intriguing articles and breathtaking pics on a wide variety of topics. It’s been a labor of love for us, and just like real labor, it was a lot of hard work…but we kept pushing.  And now our “baby” Everyday Naseeha is born. (I’m a Doula, so please excuse the corny analogy.) 😊

We invite you to be a part of Everyday Naseeha and join this journey with us. We welcome and encourage your active participation on our posts, as well as any feedback or questions you have for us personally. We want EN to be a place where Sisters can go for ideas, support, encouragement, learning, or just to find a new perspective on something.

As we share our lives with you, we ask that you please make dua for us. Our purpose in sharing our everyday lives with you is not to show off, but to hopefully inspire you to be the best Muslimah you can be. Our lives our not perfect, but our religion is, and we aspire to fully implement our beautiful Deen in our everyday lives. Our blog is just not about inspiring you though.  When I read other Sisters' blogs, I not only enjoy seeing the good stuff. I also like to know that they have kids that give them attitude sometimes, that every meal prepared is not necessarily healthy and organic,the constant battle to keep the house clean, etc. Because that is real life, that’s everyday life.  Sometimes it just helps to know that other Sisters are out there struggling with the same things as you. And at Everyday Naseeha we hope to bring you that balanced perspective, insha'Allah.

And remember, make EVERY DAY your BEST DAY!

~Nancy & Aisha


  1. Loving it!! MashaAllah�� May Allah give barakah in your work Aameen

  2. Mashaallah, love it! Of course your site is beautiful and looks really nice on my phone too :) Excited to see where you're going inshaallah.

  3. Masha'Allah. Thanks so much, Sakeena! You are so sweet to say.❤ We've got a newsletter coming out October 23rd! In sha Allah, you will enjoy that too! 🤗


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